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FROMM SYSTEM - Research and development
At the research center an experienced team of engineers continually develops new techniques and products using the nweest 3D CAD computers. Constantly updated testing procedures and equipment guarantee and secure the recognized high FROMM quality standards.


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FROMM ITALY - Tool and machine production
In the production operation, FROMM production runs around the clock. Highly qualifiedteams of specialists using computer-controlled machines manufacture FROMM products designed to meet the demands for high quality. All Tools and machines are tested prior to being despatched from the factory. FROMM has been awarded the ISO 9001 certification.


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PLASTIC Production - FROMM Airpad film
At FROMM industry, equipped with the most modern technical discoveries, they produce films for the Airpad machines and polyester strapping. These guarantee the highest quality. The company is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.



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Fromm Holding AG designs, develops and manufactures a complete line of packaging machines and equipment for unitizing and palletizing indutrial loads, such as strapping tools and automatic machines, pallet strech wrapping machines as well as the patented Airpad product protection and void-filling system.

Established in 1947, the family-owned business employs approximately 1000 people throughout the world, subsidiaries in Europe, the USA and South Africa and more than 50 specialized partners and distributors worldwide that guarantee efficient customer service and assistance. Traditional values like continuity, independency and reliable quality products guide the company's corporate policy and represent the success over decades.

Having concentrated years of effort into research activity, FROMM is able to create increasingly innovative technological solutions for packaging. Following meticulous study, FROMM is ready to present a new bubble-wrapsystem in the form of its AP100, AP250 AP250s, AP502, AP503 machines. These technological products provide a reliable, ecological and economic answer to the market requirements.

The company's expansion is not only due to the distribution of its products, but also to the highly trained staff and specilized consultancy offered, constantly providing appropriate services for its costumer.